New Century Packaging USA has a complete line of custom and stock products for
shipping food, beverage & valuable goods by rail, over the road, intermodally or via
Ocean.  From small cell technology for load containment products as well as interior and
exterior packaging to air bags, slip sheets and custom items, we can work with you to
make sure your product arrives undamaged and in tact on the other end.  We can
customize load plans for efficient loading of product and keeping costs associated with
shipping to a minimum.   We can work with your facilities across the country as well.
From Polywoven Rail Bags to 2-Ply over the road bags, we have you covered.  
We also offer a square bag which fills extra-large voids and covers more surface
area, eliminating the need for additional dunnage material; therefore, being
more cost effective while saving warehouse space.
New Century Packaging USA can provide a multitude of sheets including plastic
& fiber slip sheets, NTC Sheets in whatever size you need, 600# Double Wall
sheets for heavy duty applications and various sizes and thicknesses of
chipboard sheets
Small Cell technology honeycomb packs a punch with compression strengths
from 5-63 PSI (0 to 10,000 lbs.).  It can make standard dunnage products like
bulkheads much more cost effective and also, it can be used to create interior
and exterior protection for products such as in the furniture industry.
WOOD-PAK® Corrugated Cardboard Void
Fillers combine corrugated honeycomb
paper and 1"x 4" and/or 2"x 4" lumber.
WOOD-PAK® load dividers help prevent
end-to-end toppling. Used to divide high
and low units Wood-Pak® secures tall units
from toppling. Replaces or substitutes for
plywood dividers. Less expensive, light
weight, reusable, recyclable.
SADDLE-PAK® corrugated void fillers are designed
for singled out units providing maximum protection
against load shift.  SADDLE-PAK® helps maintain
proper axle weight distribution by distributing more
weight to the rear and away from the nose.  
Convenient, strong, lightweight and easy to use,
SADDLE-PAK® stores flat and expands to fill the void
on each side of the unit.  Used in containers and
truck shipments, SADDLE-PAK® void fillers are
reusable and recyclable, and custom built for your
load specifications.  Our load securement experts
will help you determine the best configuration for
your shipment.  
Beyond air bags for void filling and load securement
capabilities, we offer a vast array of collapsible void
fillers that come in a wide variety of sizes, widths
and drops to prevent lateral load shift. We will help
you determine the best configuration for your
New Century Packaging also can provide items such as temperature
recorders for shipping, Ty-Guard products, corner boards for load stability,
AAR approved strapping and much more.  We can create load plans from
scratch as well as update and improve upon current loading methods &
patterns.   Contact us to set up a meeting and let us put our knowledge to
work for your company.