For information on our various strapping equipment solutions, contact a
New Century Packaging USA representative and let us find the best and
most cost effective solution for your next project.
New Century Packaging has a number of tools and solutions to help with any strapping
related needs.   From hand tools to the fast and efficient battery powered friction weld tool,
we can optimize how you are currently handling your strapping needs.  If integrating a
strapping unit into a simple or complex system is the goal, we can handle the project from
design to installation.   Our years of experience allow us to provide cost efficient and quality
products and ideas to your organization.
Battery powered friction weld tools are available in a number of
models to accommodate a variety of strapping thicknesses and
widths.  Simple and efficient, it has become a workhorse in many
distribution centers and shipping departments.
New Century Packaging USA offers a wide range of semi automatic
and automatic strapping units.