QTEK Bomber for Pallet Exchange and Layering
New Century Packaging is the exclusive Western United States representative for the
outstanding QTEK Design product line.  Headlined by a powerless pallet dispenser, these
products make handling pallets, layering products and dispensing pallets simple, cost
efficient and among the safest products in the material handling industry.  We also offer
standard tilt tables in instances where products must be tilted.   
QTEK PalletX for Non-Inverted Quick Pallet Exchange
QTEK DStacker Powerless Pallet Dispenser
The Versatile Bomber allows for both layer splitting of product and pallet exchange in just
seconds.  It is used widely in the food and beverage industries world wide by
manufacturers and distributors alike.
Available in 2 models, the PalletX is able to quickly and efficiently exchange pallets
without ever tilting, tipping or inverting the product.  If you are looking for a solution
in instances where product cannot be inverted (meat combos, pharma, produce), the
PalletX is the solution.
The DStacker GS Pallet Stacker is a revolutionary pallet delivery system that can operate without electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic
power! Imagine – a pallet dispenser with ZERO POWER REQUIRED!  It is able to dispense single or double pallets and comes in several
We offer a variety of tilt tables and other material handling tables in various
Tilt Tables
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